Barn Door Studios

Welcome to Barn Door Studios, fondly known as the "creative funhouse," a place where work feels less like a day at the office and more like playtime with friends and clients.

It's the kind of place where getting lost in the moment is encouraged - hell, expected - because for me, taking time to sit and be with the work is where the most fulfilling, and, in turn, most impactful creative concepts emerge.

So, come on in, take a look around, and to see what I'm all about. You'll find, when it comes to creative work, the barn doors are always open and I'm down for just about anything.

Why the fun not?

Analog World

A.I. can kiss my vintage glass.

  • "Ferguson Grill" - Ambrotype


  • "NOLA 911" - 120 Film

  • "Depot Dollies" - 120 Film

  • "Deltasaurus Remains" - 120 Film


Digital World

Editorial, Travel, Leisure, Etc.

  • "Moonrise Over Dairy Freeze"


    Crystal Springs, MS

  • "First Hunt"


    Client: Fathers In the Field

  • "Office With A View"


    Client: Eureka! Tents